Young Learners English UK is a Special Interest Group of English UK for accredited providers of quality English language courses for Young Learners (we identify ‘Young Learners’ as children and teenagers aged from 7 to 17 years).

We are committed to providing a safe and rewarding language learning experience for students while in the UK, through a commitment to offering the highest standards of welfare, management and teaching.

Our objectives are:-

  • To raise the standard and profile of accredited courses for young learners in terms of content and quality.
  • To continue to evaluate and improve standards of safety, welfare and child protection, in line with UK external advisory bodies (NSPCC, DCSF, NCSL)
  • To enhance procedures and standards for staff selection, recruitment, and performance.
  • To keep members up to date on the latest legislative changes and sector trends.
  • To be the voice for Junior Course providers to the industry and the market.
  • To represent the interests of members of the group at all times.
    Providing opportunities for peer discussion and training so as to continuously advance standards within the sector.