Benefits for Members

  1. With meetings 5 times per year and an on-line discussion group, members have access to an open and honest forum for discussion and progression.
  2. Constant information sharing and updates on new and changing employment legislation, child protection issues, teaching and cultural immersion.
  3. To have a ‘platform’ in which to respond to questions and issues raised in the sector and media
  4. To give a clear framework and direction for future development and growth and be in a position to advise, lobby and be consulted in areas of standards, child protection and accreditation issues
  5. To be in a position to make reasoned representations to relevant bodies on policy issues
  6. To have access to maximum professional support and sharing of knowledge in relevant aspects of child education in this sector
  7. Members of the group would be able to publicise membership and an assurance of quality to prospective staff/students/agents
  8. To have access to training sessions, seminars etc organised by YLEUK at reduced group rate or in some circumstances free.