YLEUK Criteria for Membership

All YLEUK members are British Council accredited, members of English UK and have agreed to uphold and abide by YLEUK’s Criteria and Code of Practice and rules

Membership Criteria

  • It is an essential requirement that any organisation seeking membership of Young Learners English UK must be registered by the British Council Accreditation UK Scheme as a centre(s) for the teaching of English to under 18’s. They must also be current members of English UK
  • Membership is open to all English UK members who agree to abide by the Young Learners EUK Code of Practice and who demonstrate that they are in agreement with the criteria, rules and Code of Practice as described here.
  • New members’ applications will be reviewed by the committee
  • By December 2016 1 member of staff must be hold a current Advanced Training for the Designated Person safeguarding certificate and 1 member of staff must hold a current Safer Recruitment certificate. Certificates to be provided to a named member of the committee in order for records to be updated.

Code of Practice

Responsibilities of members will be to:

  • Always place the interests and well-being of students in the organisation’s care above any other consideration
  • Maintain a genuine interest in the continual assessment of standards, with the aim of constantly improving the quality of their programmes (The ‘programme’ is defined as the complete student package offered by members: the English tuition programme, on and off-site sporting and cultural activities, historical and cultural sightseeing excursions, transfers, and all accommodation and board arrangements) – in line with the new British Council criteria for under 18’s
  • Be dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for and demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of junior students (under 18’s) on their courses
  • Comply with all applicable current UK and European Union legal and statutory regulations (e.g. UK employment, health and safety laws)  and current UK child protection guidelines
  • Behave in an ethical and supportive manner at all times with other members of the group and avoid bringing the group or English UK into    disrepute
  • Promote a positive impression of YLEUK to the outside world (By agreeing to continue membership/join as a new member you deem to) adhere to the above Code of Practice
  • To provide honest and prompt replies to any job references either in writing or verbally

Association Rules  

  • The final decision on any major policy agreement made by the group will ultimately rest with the committee
  • As members of English UK, YL will not do any act or make any statement publicly which would bring the group into open conflict with  English UK
  • Young Learners EUK AGM will be held in December. The main purpose of the AGM is to review the activities and finances of the current  year, and to determine and agree those for the coming year.
  • Members of the group have an equal vote in decisions, especially those affecting subscription and those relating to the election or  appointment of any executive/committee members
  • Three to four meetings will be held in each subscription year (1st January – 31st December) including Focus Groups.
  • Members will abide by policies voted for and carried by members at meetings
  • Each member school must be represented at at least 2 meetings in each subscription year. One meeting must include the AGM and the other could be a focus group or a general YL meeting.  Please note training days do not count!
  • Communications between members will be via Young Learners Yahoo forum. It is your responsibility to ensure you provide a current e-mail address when you join YL so you can be subscribed to the forum. All events will also be updated on the YLEUK web site.
  • Member schools must have 1 person who holds a current Advanced Training for the Designated Person Safeguarding certificate and a Safer Recruitment Certificate.
  • YLEUK will provide, free of charge, at least 2 training days per year on Safer Recruitment and Safe Guarding for the Designated Person
  • Members who have not full filled the above rules and criteria by October of the new  subscription year (Jan. 1st – Dec 31st) they will be  given a written warning when their membership is due  that in the following subscription year they will comply with the rules otherwise  their membership will not be renewed the following yer.
  • New schools can join throughout the year providing they have one staff member who is Safeguard lead and Safer Recruitment trained in  advance of joining the group.